theater of inconveniences

theater of inconveniences theater of inconveniencestheater of inconveniencestheater of inconveniences

The theatre of inconveniences is exploring the cityscape and its everyday scenes in an experiential environment. It is an immersive experience observing the complex urban space of Barcelona, identifying, narrating and re- writing fragments of the urban fabric. The city is seen as an already given stage for encounters, full of actors, actions and scenes of surprises and distorted views. The collection of urban fragments, environments and their inherent visual and audible associations can be read through various citations and references.

theater of inconveniences theater of inconveniences

theatre of inconveniences has been produces in Espronceda Institute of Art & Culture at the Immensiva art residency program in Barcelona.

visual artists: Anirudhan Iyengar, Nuño de la Serna, Dominic Schwab, Helvijs Savickis, Julia Obleitner

sound artist: Mathieu Preux