In the midst of the global pandemic caused by covid-19, Transmediale celebrates the Vorspiel 2021, and due to the lockdown conditions, Lacuna Lab proposes an entirely digital program.

Nuño de la Serna present snapshot, a series of film interviews that reflect a momentary snapshot in the life of Lacuna Lab and its members. These interviews take a record of the artworks presented by the members during Vorspiel along with their individual backgrounds, influences, and points of view.

Martin Nadal | 03.03.2021

Thomas Heidtmann | 22.02.2021

Nayeli Vega | 20.02.2021

Sarah Hermanutz | 14.02.2021

Fara Peluso | 29.01.2021

Paul Wiersbinski | 25.01.2021

snapshot is part of Lacuna Lab’s digital Vorspiel [2021] series: Transmediale Vorspiel 2021 | Scattered Partners