Nuño de la Serna Vicente {he/him}, digitally known as action, is a Spanish, Berlin-based multidisciplinary artist, focused on the intersection between science, art, and the politics of technology.

Born in Soria in 1992, Nuño grew up as a nomad, constantly moving between cities. This lifestyle and the diverse collection of experiences he had from a very young age gave him an eclectic character that influenced his work.

Mixing engineering together with physical and digital art disciplines, Nuño’s work explores the coexistence between humans and technology, taking on technology with a humanistic approach and measuring its importance in terms of cultural impact and social development beyond commercial interest and capital profit.

His creative process acknowledges the importance of fair use of resources and free access to knowledge. With his working methodologies, Nuño challenges the art manufacturing model while raising questions that resonate with complex contemporary issues.

Nuño is currently member of the Lacuna Lab collective, co-organizer of the Creative Code Berlin and founder of the / niːviːili / art platform.

Exhibitions and Installations

Hobbies: Self Loathing 2022.02.10 Berlin, Germany

NFT [No Fucking Talent] - Transmediale Vorspiel

Correlation Waves 2021.11.15 Lahti, Finland

Climate Utopias - European Green Capital 2021

theatre of inconveniences 2021.06.10 Barcelona, Spain

Ars Electronica - Barcelona Garden

snapshot 2021.01.01 Berlin, Germany

Transmediale Vorspiel, Lacuna Lab

Berlin, Under the Urban Skin 2020.01.10 Berlin, Germany

Eight Rooms Gallery

forest 2018.08.21 Brandenburg, Germany

Wilde Möhre Festival

collaborative movement 2018.07.15 Berlin, Germany

5th-anniversary OpenTechSchool

prototype-01 2016.08.10 Berlin, Germany

reSense.MOV / Metabody forum, SPEKTRUM

Arts Residencies



ESPRONCEDA, Institute of Art & Culture. Barcelona, Spain

Work with art communities

2019 - present


Founder and organizer

2017 - present
Berlin and Worldwide Online

Creative Code Berlin


2015 - present

Lacuna Lab



2021Video Editing


2021Creative technologist

Synchronized remote-controlled media player devices. For displaying video installations at the gallery

2021Creative technologist

Interactive online piece and web development for the 2021 edition of the festival

2021Color grading

Video for online campaign

2020CGI Development

360° real-time flocking simulation | WebGL, glsl

2020Art production support

Custom 3D printing for the FANGo project at the EMAP residency

2019Creative technologist

Dynamic mesh generator tool

2018Creative technologist

THE WYEæternity

The Drone Graffiti Project - An innovative creative medium, enabling a supranational community to collaborate on digital artworks.